Ranches & Lodges

Connecting Architecture to Nature

Ranches and lodges provide a unique opportunity for our clients to connect with nature and escape from city life. Our clients with properties in rural areas are looking for a home that will be a beautiful work of architecture that also embraces the natural landscape.

When we begin designing a project outside the city, we spend time studying the land. Oftentimes, our clients will ask for our help when selecting the final site for a building on a large property. We look for opportunities to use the topography to create variety in the floor plan. We plan for sweeping views of nature and natural ventilation. This practice, in addition to getting to know our clients, results in ranches and lodges that allow for the best experience of their land.

Large properties also allow us to create a destination with its own identity. In addition to homes, our ranches and lodges include entertainment spaces, barns, gardens and signage. These projects truly feel like rural escapes with a unique architectural style that reflects each client.