Turtle Creek Residence - Wyatt & Associates: Portfolio, Urban Residences

• Turtle Creek Residence •

Nestled tightly between the fairways of Dallas Country Club and the winding banks of Turtle Creek, this home takes advantage of unique views in every direction. The newly constructed bridge and flood control dam, a collaborative effort between the owner and the city of University Park, lends continuity to the estate and a private passage to the west bank of the creek. The structure employed a limited palette of materials for both the interior and exterior, with an emphasis on horizontal lines and transparency of space, enhancing the relationship between building and site, and how the Owners interact with both.

Urban Residences - Wyatt & Associates: Portfolio

• Old Preston Hollow Residence •

The home’s plan was developed as a reflection of established prototypes of the American country home adapted for an urban setting. The design utilizes architectural massing and detailing in a style influenced by the architectural history of northern Italy and creates a link between classical ideals and American residential traditions within a modern Texas city and its environs.

White Rock Lake Residence - Wyatt & Associates: Portfolio, Urban Residences

• White Rock Lake Residence •

This lakefront residence is defined by its carefully designed plan which is comprised of a sequence of controlled spatial progressions, beginning with the vehicular approach and initial building access. Upon entering, residents and visitors experience the architecture as its own entity before encountering the building’s unique site. The home’s exterior was developed based upon the architect’s personal style and is reminiscent of early 20th century England.

Ritz Carlton Wyatt & Associates: Portfolio, Urban Residences

• Ritz Carlton Residence •

This unique finish-out of a Ritz-Carlton high-rise luxury unit created a series of contemporary interior spaces, both for living and for the display of the Owner’s signification art collection. Plaster wall finishes, dramatic yet energy-efficient lighting, and a striking use of wood and stone details created an environment for discussion and showcase of both the art and the surrounding city.

University Park Residence - Wyatt & Associates: Portfolio, Urban Residences

• University Park Residence •

Situated in a traditional urban setting on a modest rectangular lot, this home utilizes a compact, central plan along with exterior massing, following a design in a Northern French style. Built with a natural Texas rubble stone veneer and cut limestone accoutrements, it combines a sophisticated detailing with Texas regional materials.

Greenville, Texas Residence - Wyatt & Associates: Portfolio, Urban Residences

• Greenville, Texas Residence •

The studio inherited this commission from another firm after construction had already begun. Using the existing floor plan and foundation, Wyatt & Associates redesigned a new home and garden for the client using a style and materials influenced by English architecture of the late 19th century. The building emphasizes a simple integrity of design, accented with embellished masonry details.