Country Homes - Wyatt & Associates: Portfolio

• Ten -X- Ranch •

Utilizing a plan of progressively descending architectonic blocks, this country home responds to the varied topography of its site and the surrounding countryside. A Texas regional design, the home uses a style and materials indigenous to its area, but also reflects several research trips to the Andalucian region of Spain, an area of particular interest to the client and architect.

Z-Bar Ranch - Wyatt & Associates: Portfolio, Country Homes

• Z-Bar Ranch •

This home takes the form of a modified butterfly plan with a structural composition that actively directs residents’ views toward the vast Texas landscape which surrounds it. Its design compounds regional materials native to central Texas and the architect’s personal stylistic reflections.

Cook Canyon Ranch - Wyatt & Associates: Portfolio, Country Homes

• Cook Canyon Ranch •

This commission consists of a series of projects which compose the main infrastructure and facilities of Cook Canyon Ranch. Buildings designed by the studio include the main west ranch entrance, an equestrian center, an entertainment barn, facility and related amenity structures, and several houses for ranch personnel. Each structure has been designed with the architectural influence of a Texas vernacular, created by the use of materials indigenous to the area, regionalist forms, and the incorporation of imported and restored 19th century buildings and related materials.

Rio Vista Ranch - Wyatt & Associates: Portfolio, Country Homes

• Rio Vista Ranch •

Perched atop a cliff overlooking two bends in the Brazos River, this Palo Pinto County home was purchased with the hopes that it could be transformed into an ideal retreat and family gathering place. The studio added two new wings to accommodate additional bedroom suites as well as screened porticos to better accommodate outdoor leisure, all situated around a central vault-ceiling gathering room. The detailing and materials were selected to harmonize with the hilly Texas setting, enhancing a charming country house into an elegant family seat.

Aspen - Wyatt & Associates: Portfolio, Country Homes

• Aspen Residence •

Combining traditional log home building techniques with rustic design detailing, this commission was the product of collaboration with an owner possessing singular vision and an eye for detail. The firm provided schematic designs for the overall structure and full detailing for the interior spaces. Further collaboration occurred for both the outbuildings and landscape design. The rugged, frontier character of the site took priority throughout, and emphasis was placed on capturing the seasonal change of the surrounding mountain range and Colorado landscape.

Comanche County Residence - Wyatt & Associates: Portfolio, Country Homes

• Comanche County Residence •

Located along Indian Creek in Comanche County, Texas, this home provides an example of the studio’s ability to tailor a building’s design to the client’s individual requests and ideas. Based on the client’s interest in the American Southwest, the design reflects regional forms and a style indigenous to New Mexico and Arizona, tailored to function in the Texas environment. Materials used in the construction of the building bring to mind those used in the American Southwest as does the landscaping of the garden. The design and decoration of the interior is composed of hardware and accessories designed by the architect and owner and manufactured by artisans in Mexico.

Diamond C Ranch - Wyatt & Associates: Portfolio, Country Homes

• Diamond C Ranch •

Inspired by the early ranch homes of the Texas panhandle, the Diamond C Ranch home’s “H” plan creates symmetry and simplicity that is key to experiencing and understanding this home’s design. Materials used in the construction of the building, particularly in the exterior of the house, reflect a central Texas vernacular while the interior of the house reflects a style more personal to the client and architect.

Quahadi - Wyatt & Associates: Portfolio, Country Homes

• Quahadi •

The commission consisted of an addition and limited remodel of an existing home, built in the early 1980s. Created to accommodate the owner’s desire for more space to house a large family and to display items acquired during various world travels, the addition doubled the size of the original structure. The greatest design challenge for the studio came in integrating the new addition with the existing house, a challenge overcome by a clean, linear plan and well proportioned interior spaces. The exterior of the addition matches the Texas regionalist style of the original home and the interior combines a Texas inspired style with artifacts and materials imported from Africa.

Cedar Creek Lake Residence - Wyatt & Associates: Portfolio, Country Homes

• Cedar Creek Lake Residence •

This building’s plan responds to its unusual and difficult lakefront site by creating three main points of interest all overlooking Cedar Creek Lake. The facade employs stone masonry composed of native Texas stones and imported and exterior detailing in the architect’s modern interpretation of the Craftsman style. This building is one of the studio’s first designs which employed a combination of Texas regionalism and a unique, personal style characteristic of works designed by Greg Wyatt.